New Display Option “Show products with custom titles and descriptions only”

One of the most important factors affiliates are finding in terms of their site’s search engine optimization is duplicate content issues with ClickBank’s Product Descriptions.  The standard ClickBank product descriptions are all over the internet and let’s face it, most product descriptions are targeting affiliates and discussing commissions rather than pitching the product correctly.

While our Smart Filtering Option can help get you started, one way that many Niche site builders have chosen to approach this duplicate content situation is to only display the products for which they have written customized titles and descriptions. Custom rewrites can improve click-through rates and conversions. Until v. 1.2.0 this was manually implemented.

With version 1.2.0, CBPRESS has included the powerful “Show products with custom titles and descriptions only” display option for the marketplace and product search that will ONLY display products that have rewritten titles and descriptions.   You can find this simple checkbox setting in the OPTIONS menu item of your CBPRESS administration area.

Restrict to “Show products with custom titles and descriptions only”eliminates a lot of manual tracking headaches that some of our members were trying to work out themselves and creates a full ClickBank Marketplace for the

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shortcode that automatically displays only the products and categories in the Marketplace that include rewritten product titles or descriptions.

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