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Version 1.2.0 Released Today!

We discovered that ClickBank switched its feed URL which broke our CBPRESS importer around 4pm MST On February 18, 2013.   If you are experiencing problems importing the ClickBank product data, please Upgrade your CBPRESS version immediately. We have made a fix to our newest version, 1.2.0 which was scheduled to be released this week, and […]

Subscribe and Connect Plugin Review

Every affiliate marketer needs email lists and social networking to succeed these days. All those pages can be a real headache to keep up with, and programming subscribe and connect functionality into your Blog should not increase your burden! Make sure you are able to devote more of your time developing and disseminating content through […]

ClickBank MarketPlace launches Product Star Ratings

The Star Ratings system was launched on ClickBank MarketPlace January 2, 2013. While some of you may have seen product details showing between a 1 and 5 star rating shortly afterward, the current Marketplace display is in flux as of this post. CBPRESS has received a sample feed and is working on adding Star Ratings […]

Most WordPress 3.5 Upgrade Conflicts Resolved in v 1.1.0

When WordPress came out with their updated version 3.5 on December 11, CBPRESS users who upgraded experienced widget conflicts as well as some other issues with our Activation process. Within the next couple weeks, we worked to identify and correct the conflicts our users encountered, and we re-issued version 1.1.0 a few times, the final […]

How to Set A Root Category In CBPRESS

How To Create A Niche Site

A Niche Site seeks to tap into targeted key phrases by focusing on a single group of Key Phrases, so integrating only the CBPRESS marketplace products in that targeted subject area is essential. Examples of niche areas are weight loss, fitness, pregnancy, love & relationships, starting an internet business, and so on. You can use […]