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New Display Option “Show products with custom titles and descriptions only”

One of the most important factors affiliates are finding in terms of their site’s search engine optimization is duplicate content issues with ClickBank’s Product Descriptions.  The standard ClickBank product descriptions are all over the internet and let’s face it, most product descriptions are targeting affiliates and discussing commissions rather than pitching the product correctly. While […]

Best Practices: TID’s

TID’s (Tracking ID’s) can be entered into CBPRESS through the global settings system to track sales on a site by site basis. If you have multiple web sites working with the same ClickBank affiliate ID, this TID is essential in pinpointing the site that is providing you with the most sales. If you have found […]

How to Set A Root Category In CBPRESS

How To Create A Niche Site

A Niche Site seeks to tap into targeted key phrases by focusing on a single group of Key Phrases, so integrating only the CBPRESS marketplace products in that targeted subject area is essential. Examples of niche areas are weight loss, fitness, pregnancy, love & relationships, starting an internet business, and so on. You can use […]

How to Set A Root Category In CBPRESS

How To Set a Root Category

Root Categories are used to focus on just a section of the ClickBank Marketplace. If you set a root category then the MarketPlace will only display the root and subcategories underneath it rather than the entire ClickBank Marketplace. (This is great for a site that focuses on dating or fitness where visitors may not be […]