Subscribe and Connect Plugin Review

Every affiliate marketer needs email lists and social networking to succeed these days. All those pages can be a real headache to keep up with, and programming subscribe and connect functionality into your Blog should not increase your burden! Make sure you are able to devote more of your time developing and disseminating content through your email lists, social networking pages, and blog posts instead of programming “follow me” and “subscribe” links into your web site!

Many theme developers include the top few social networking options. We love WOO Themes for their easy integration of social networking widgets within the headers, footers, and basic post areas of a theme.

We have found a great additional plugin that creates custom designed subscribe & connect skins for placement within so many paragraphs of a post, or displaying within proximity of a post’s featured image. Many S&C plugin tools will only display before or after a post.

This is an Optin Email Plugin so you do need to be working an opt-in list!

Adding an Aweber email form to your post, accompanied by your top 3 social networking buttons to like or share that post. The email signup works flawlessly.  We have tested on both Aweber and MailChimp with brilliant results. 

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Social networking connectors are also effectively implemented, although the smaller FaceBook displays may generate conflicts and display an error if you are logged into FaceBook as a page rather than a person.

Optin Skin is the plugin name, and you can see our “Share The Love” social networking insert within this post as well as throughout the other posts in our site.  We have been able to track the effectiveness and reach of our blog posts with Optin Skin’s reporting tools as well.

The plugin is licensed on a multi-site basis, which is also important for Niche Builders.  Just be sure you keep your login credentials handy.  You will need to login to your membership area each time you setup a new site to access the activation code, which changes periodically.