How To Create A Niche Site

A Niche Site seeks to tap into targeted key phrases by focusing on a single group of Key Phrases, so integrating only the CBPRESS marketplace products in that targeted subject area is essential. Examples of niche areas are weight loss, fitness, pregnancy, love & relationships, starting an internet business, and so on.

You can use CBPRESS in 2 ways to focus only on products in your Niche, and we actually recommend that you employ both tactics on your Niche Site.

Categories & Product Settings

How to Set A Root Category In CBPRESS

Just check the Root Category box next to the primary or sub category – this can be a Custom or ClickBank category. Only one category can be root at a time, so selecting a new root category will reset your old root category.

Setting one of the existing ClickBank Categories as your root category is one way to go. If you set up a standard ClickBank category as root, make sure you have reviewed all products in your root and subcategories each time you do an update, since new products may have been added that could use title and description rewrites.

You could also create a custom category with only the products you are interested in promoting, and set up custom subcategories as well. Once your custom category is set as root, only the ClickBank products you have selected will display even if new ones have been added when you run the import.

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Regardless of the two category options selected, you are going to want to review all Products that are visible in your marketplace and make sure their titles and descriptions are key word and consumer optimized. All custom product title and description rewrites are stored separately from the product information feed, so they will be maintained even if the product title changes through your product importer.

CBPRESS Category Manager
CBPRESS Product Management

Custom Lists

WordPress Pages and Blog Entries can be populated with custom lists. Each article can include a unique and appropriate custom list of products that are called by their unique shortcode (such as “cbpress list=1″ set into square brackets [] that enclose all shortcodes). Keep your lists fairly small… anything over 12 products is way too long for a custom list!