Options, Options, Options!

CBPRESS Options are plentiful and powerful.

CBPRESS General Options

CBPRESS General Options

General Options is primarily a collection of display settings …. numbers of items in lists, descriptions display and filtering. Start snooping around here when you are looking for easy ways to make your MarketPlace fit more seamlessly within your WordPress Theme.

CBPRESS Filters Options

CBPRESS Filters Options

Filters Options allow you to restrict your display of products by commission percentage ranges, gravity, billing type (recurring, etc.) and more.

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Importer Options

CBPRESS Importer Options

Importer Options are helpful with web hosting platforms that have limited capabilities. Reducing the import throttle from 300 to 200 can alleviate some MySQL Errors, and you can increase the throttle setting with higher processing capacity. For hosting with limits on database capacity, you can set removed products to be deleted from the database. This will eliminate all product tracking, so only use this delete option if you have to.

CSS Options


CSS Options allow you to customize the stylesheet and formatting display settings for your Marketplace.

System Options

CBPRESS System Options

System Options are helpful if you are upgrading WordPress, needing to reinstall CBPRESS, or upgrading your WordPress Theme. It is best to know your way around WordPress if you are making use of these tools.