ClickBank Importer

The World’s Fastest ClickBank Importer is built into CBPRESS.

Importer Startup: Accessing ClickBank FEED Data

Importer Startup: Accessing ClickBank FEED Data. Usually this stage takes less than 1 minute. If you have successfully established the Import process before, any error would be rare at this stage and might be due to a temporary feed access issue. Try the import a couple times and you may see your import process start right up, as network access issues do not generally last very long.

If you are running the importer for the first time, and you are encountering errors, check your cpanel hosting specifications to make sure that your system allows for our basic script and processing needs:

Apache web server

Linux operating system (most shared hosting offers Linux operating systems)

PHP 5.0+

MySQL 5.0.3+

PHP’s cURL extension installed or allow_url_fopen set to true.*

*The last requirement is optional. It’s required for automatic & 1-click store updates.

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CBPRESS ClickBank Import Process

The Import Process will generally take less than a couple minutes… if you are having any timeout issues during the first import, which is rare, check out your cpanel hosting or contact your hosting provider to make sure your settings meet the minimum requirements.

Import Complete

Import Complete