Category Manager

Categories are managed through the Category List section of your CBPRESS Plugin Administration. You can add and delete or hide categories, and you can also set a sub category as root (great for niche sites) or establish a featured category to showcase products throughout your marketplace.

Selecting a Root Category

Selecting a root category in CBPRESS Category List Admin area is the first step in creating a Niche Site

Creating New Categories and Sub-Categories allows you to title Categories according to the search phrases that most match your selected ClickBank Products and custom products. Use custom categories as your featured category section which gets special focus and should be filled with custom written, search phrase optimized products. Niche sites can be created exclusively with custom categories and filled with search phrase optimized products.

Set Feature Category

Selecting a featured category is a great way to highlight a more lucrative set of products or can be a great way t o experiment with sub-categories and sales conversions.

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