From the creators of the popular ClickBank Marketplace analytical and search tool, CBENGINE, comes CBPRESS. The most robust and flexible ClickBank and affiliate product management WordPress plugin currently out there.

CBPRESS allows you to import the ENTIRE ClickBank Marketplace into your WordPress blog in seconds while other ClickBank plugins require you to manually enter ClickBank products one by one.

CBPRESS Product Manager Has Powerful Administrative Tools!

  • Manage imported products
  • Advanced search
  • Create posts out of product data
  • Preview a product’s website without leaving your admin panel
  • Assign products to multiple marketplace categories
  • Assign products to custom lists
  • Add non-ClickBank products into existing categories and custom lists

Push-Button Marketplace Updates

Update your CBPRESS Marketplace every couple hours or once a week. The control is in YOUR HANDS. Simply press the import button and in seconds your WordPress ClickBank Marketplace will be automatically updated.

Customizable Titles and Descriptions

Many ClickBank Products have titles and descriptions that provide relevant affiliate information instead of marketing directly to consumers. CBPRESS Product Manager allows you can rewrite ClickBank product titles and descriptions to speak to consumers, and therefore increase click through rates. Marketplace updates do not affect your custom titles and descriptions.

Custom Categories

Use the entire ClickBank Marketplace or create a niche site based around a category or sub-category or even a handful of ClickBank products. CBPRESS Category Manager also allows you to create new custom categories. You can auto-populate custom categories with ClickBank products or custom products.

Custom Products

Add custom products and links into your marketplace with CBPRESS Product Manager. Also, turn off ClickBank products that are under performers… turn off products that don’t payout enough, have too high of a refund rate, that don’t convert, that you simply don’t like. The power is fully in your hands.

Product Filtering

Filter products by gravity, commission, billing type (i.e., recurring) and rank in the CBPRESS Options – Filters tab. For example if you want to only show products with over 100 gravity you can easily sort and update to show only those products on your CBPRESS blog.

Lists/Ad blocks

Select ClickBank products from categories into custom lists/ad blocks and insert them into blog entries or other block spaces on your CBPRESS Blog.

Theme Syncing

This feature is so subtle you barely notice. We thought long and hard about how integrate CBPRESS into your existing design. We came to the conclusion less is more.

Everything down to the link color of a single product listing is coded with simplicity in mind. This allows CBPRESS plugin content to blend right in to the look and feel your site.

Click Tracking

See which products in your ClickBank Marketplace are getting clicked and how many times.

Short Code Builder

Built into the WordPress content editor so you can quickly and dynamically add short list code. No manual coding!

Unlimited license

You can install CBPRESS on one site, or ten thousand web sites. Licensing allows for installation on multiple sites, as long as you use the same ClickBank ID and receipt number.